The Top 10 UK Cancer Charities

Cancer is something we can’t escape from in the UK. According to Cancer Research UK, 1 in 2 people born after 1960 in the country will have some kind of cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.

cancer charitiesFortunately, in the UK we have a lot of great cancer charities operating nowadays, providing support and research for people affected and their families. On this site you will not only find a mini guide to the top 10 biggest cancer charities, but you will also find more in-depth looks at the top 5 cancer charities.

The top 10 is as follows:

Cancer Research UK

This is a cancer awareness and research charity that was founded in 2002 when the Imperial Cancer Research Fund and Cancer Research Campaign merged. It is based in London and has the aim of reducing the number of deaths caused by cancer. Not only is it the biggest cancer charity in the UK but also the largest independent charity in the world that is dedicated to researching cancer.

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Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support is arguably the second biggest cancer charity in the UK, and although it is not quite as big as Cancer Research UK, it has been around since 1911, when it was founded by Douglas Macmillan It provides financial support, specialist information and healthcare for people who suffer from or are affected by cancer.

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Marie Curie Cancer Care

Founded in 1948 by T Bernard Robinson, Marie Curie is a that provides support and care for people who are suffering from terminal illnesses and the families affected by them too. A notable thing about this charity’s formation is that it fell on the same year as the NHS was established.

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Breast Cancer Care

Although it was founded back in 1973, Breast Cancer Care is still the only UK specialist charity that is dedicated to providing information, support and care for anyone suffering from breast cancer or affected by it. The charity was setup by Betty Westgate, after she was diagnosed with the disease in 1968. She was driven and passionate about information and campaigning for better services and support for breast cancer and that is still what the organisation is down to this day.

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Teenage Cancer Trust

Founded in 1990, Teenage Cancer Trust is a support and care cancer charity that has the main goal of improving the experience of cancer sufferers between the ages of 13 and 24. The key service of the charity is providing NHS hospitals with special teenage units, It also funds and trains teenage cancer specialist staff.

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Youth Cancer Trust

Youth Cancer Trust is a national cancer charity based in Bournemouth. It is unique in that it not only provides support but also activity-based holidays that are absolutely free for anyone between 14 and 30 who is living cancer or another malignant disease. the holidays are also open to anyone who is currently in remission or has been for as much as five years, or has been living with the after effects of suffering from cancer during teenage years.

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Maggie’s Centres

Maggie’s Centre are a great charitable organisation that have a large collection of drop-in centres throughout the UK. The goal of the organisation is to help anyone who has been affected by or suffered from cancer. Although their centres should not replace conventional forms of cancer therapy, they are perfect caring environments that provide practical advice, information and support.

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Leukaemia Care

Leukaemia Care is one of the biggest blood cancer charities in the UK. They are fully dedicated to providing support, advice and information for anyone who has been affected by or suffered from blood cancer. It started with a small group of parents who had children suffering from Leukaemia. One blood cancer support group has grown into 24 throughout the country.

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Bloodwise was established in 1960 and is a charity that is dedicated to researching blood cancers in various forms, including myeloma, lymphoma and leukaemia and offers support and information for all patients suffering from blood cancers.  This is an important charity because blood cancer is reported to be the 5th most common form of the disease in the country. While they have made a of progress since the organisation was established, blood cancer is the 3rd biggest cause of cancer death in the country. That means it is the cause of more deaths than prostate or even breast cancer.

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Beating Bowel Cancer

Beating Bowel Cancer is a campaigning and support charity dedicated to anyone who has been affected by or suffered from bowel cancer in the country. Through its fact sheets, booklets, online forum and nurse-led special helpline, they provide information and support for all bowel cancer sufferers and their parents.

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