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Cancer Research
Non-surgical specialist cancer treatment is provided across what is termed ‘The North Trent Cancer Network’ by Weston Park Hospital.

Specialist Cancer Services in Sheffield were awarded Trust Academic Directorate status in 2011. This is formal recognition of the well established and internationally respected clinical trials programme and research profile that cancer services in Sheffield have.
There is a consistently high output of publications and Sheffield has recently been awarded Cancer Research UK and Yorkshire Cancer Research Centre status.
In 1999, the then named ‘Cancer Research Centre’ was opened at a cost of £2million. This was funded by Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity with support from Westfield Health and the University of Sheffield, and provided a dedicated research facility at Weston Park Hospital.Cancer Clinical trials Centre image
The Cancer Charity continues to support the centre today; not only do we fund the vital administrative systems which support the research carried out, but we also fund specific research studies.
The centre provides a range of services with a dedicated chemotherapy treatment suite (The Westfield Suite) to support trial activity. The Westfield Suite was, and remains, a five chair, single bedded facility based on the third floor of the now named ‘Cancer Clinical Trials Centre’.
The centre, its services, the associated research and trial team has grown exponentially since it opened 13 years ago, and is regarded as a resounding success.
Over the past five years more than 4,000 patients have been included in National Institute for Health Research portfolio studies. Clinical trial participation has consistently exceeded the 10% target of entries into approved trials and this is continuing to rise steadily, reaching close to the 20% mark in 2010/11.
Allied to the clinical research programme are several laboratory based research areas that have provided opportunities for translational research with exploitation of laboratory findings in the clinical setting, together with evaluation of patient samples in the labs.
These include bone oncology and biomarker discovery and validation for which Sheffield and the Weston Park team are internationally recognised.

To be able to continue and expand this ground-breaking work, we need the new facilities.

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