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Sarah Stevenson MBE

Sarah Stevenson MBE

Sarah is a true inspiration - it is unimaginable to lose both parents to cancer the way she did. It is a credit to her character that she has been able to cope with such heartbreak and remain positive. 

“Losing both my mum and dad to cancer in such a short space of time was extremely difficult, so to support the hospital which cared for my dad in his final months was an easy decision to make."

Jessica Ennis

Jessica Ennis-Hill CBE

Sheffield's own World Heptathlon Champion & World Indoor Pentathlon Champion Jessica Ennis-Hill has been supporting the Cancer Charity for a number of years.

Jessica said "It's an absolute honour to be a patron. I really enjoyed helping out and I'm looking forward to getting even more involved."

Sean Bean

Sean Bean

"Coming from Sheffield I know how important it is that there is a hospital such as WestonPark - everyone knows someone who has been treated by the hospital. With the support of the Cancer Charity, Weston Park Hospital is at the very forefront of cancer research treatment and care.”

Howard Webb

Howard Webb MBE

“I am delighted to be able to support the Cancer Charity. We all know somebody who has been affected by cancer, and we all know somebody who has been treated at Weston Park Hospital.”

Alfie Moore, Comedian

"As a Sheffield lad who has had close relatives receive fabulous care at the hands of dedicated Weston Park Hospital staff it’s a great honour for me to be a patron of their charity.

Survival rates for this horrible disease continue to improve year on year. The battle is being won by leading specialist hospitals like Weston Park and I’m proud to be part of the team."
Dave McCarthy

Dave McCarthy

Dave is the Operations Director at Sheffield United FC. Sheffield-born Dave brings sporting and business experience to the charity. With a background in combining work with assisting various charities with fundraising efforts, Dave also has a long standing relationship Weston Park himself, which in no small part drives his passion for being involved with the Cancer Charity.
"Having witnessed first-hand through various family members' illnesses the superb work and commitment that everyone in the hospital delivers, I am extremely honoured to be asked to join the Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity ‘family’ and be a Patron."
Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan

“I started supporting the charity as a friend was diagnosed with cancer and had some of his treatment at Weston Park Hospital.
I later became a patron of Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity because I know how important the work done at the hospital is in helping so many families in Sheffield and beyond who are affected by cancer."

John Price

Family man John, whose wife works as an Administrator for the charity has a poignant reason for offering his utmost support over the years after he was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 1998. Three years later John was given the devastating news that he had developed secondary cancers and this time the diagnosis was terminal. John was offered the chance to go on a clinical trial at Weston Park Hospital which ultimately saved his life and allowed him to watch his children and grandchildren grow up.

“Put very simply, the research study at Weston Park Hospital saved my life and meant that I was able to see my children grow up. I will be forever grateful to Weston Park Hospital and will gladly continue to support and fund the groundbreaking research and treatment that happens there every single day.”
Darren Gough

Darren Gough

We are proud that Barnsley-born former England, Yorkshire and Essex cricketer Darren Gough has honoured us by becoming a patron of the Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity.

A renowned fast bowler, Darren also came to the attention of a wider audience when he won the third series of Strictly Come Dancing with his professional dancing partner Lilia Kopylova. Darren has made a number of public appearances for Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity.

Uriah Rennie

Football referee Uriah Rennie has been involved in fundraising events for the Cancer Charity in the past but decided that he wanted to increase his involvement to help further raise the profile of the charity in the region and beyond.

"The charity works incredibly hard to try and make a difference to those unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with cancer, as well as their friends and family."
Joslyn Hoyte-Smith

Joslyn Hoyte-Smith

Former Olympic athlete Joslyn Hoyte-Smith has had a long association with the Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity dating back to 2003.

"This is my charity and I will do all I can to help," says Joslyn.

"I am doing this for my Dad who sadly lost his life to cancer but who is still my guiding light."

Dennis Priestley

Dennis Priestley

Twice World Champion darts player Dennis 'The Menace' Priestley has personal reasons for supporting the Cancer Charity. Dennis, who lives in Mexborough, was diagnosed with prostate cancer received radiotherapy treatment at Weston Park Hospital.
"We are very lucky to have Weston Park here in our region. It is one of the leading centres for cancer treatment in the UK, and we all need to do what we can to raise funds to help keep it there and make things better for everyone with cancer in our region. This is obviously very close to my heart and I am honoured to have the opportunity to be able to support the Cancer Charity and help make a difference."
Dave Allen

Dave Allen

We employ approx 400+ people in Sheffield about whom I care. Unfortunately there will be a small percentage who, at some time during their life, will require the care and expertise of Weston Park Hospital.

I firmly believe that the hospital and its staff are fully deserving of support and donations and to that end, we as a company have always tried on an annual basis to fund one or another project.

I have a saying ‘if you take out of the community you should put something back into it’.

Darren and Gail Baker

Darren and Gail Baker

"We are honoured to be Patrons of Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity. Myself and Gail became involved with Cancer Charity in 2006 after the death of my father John Baker. He was treated at Weston Park, and the care and attention he received was absolutely marvellous.

The fundraising was started as a Charity Ball for 270 people, but has since developed over the years into something that has become a major part of our lives."
 Graham Moore

Graham Moore

Graham Moore is the Non Executive Chairman of Westfield Health, a non-for-profit health insurer based in Sheffield. Graham is a leading figure in the health insurance industry and a well-known city businessman.
Said Graham: “I am absolutely delighted to become a patron of this fantastic charity. Weston Park Hospital is our region’s only dedicated cancer hospital and one of only four in England, so supporting the charity and its work is vital in ensuring that patients from across the region can access the very best in cancer treatment and care.

“Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity is a jewel in Sheffield’s crown and through its efforts countless lives have been extended and/or saved. I am very proud to be a patron”.




Adam Etches

"It makes me feel proud to be an ambassador for Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity as so many people are affected by cancer in our region.

I also know what a fantastic place Weston Park Hospital is to be when suffering from cancer, as my boxing manager Richard Poxon spent time in there himself.

Long may my charity work continue for the cancer charity as it provides such vital support to those who need it the most."


Scott Jenkins

"I am very proud to be an ambassador for Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, cancer is a disease that affects all of us in some way.

I enjoy representing & fundraising for the charity to do my part in giving back to the community and I truly believe every penny raised will help improve hundreds of people's lives and hopefully one day finally find a cure."




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