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Teenage Cancer Unit

Weston Park Hospital’s Teenage Cancer Unit (TCU) cares for teenagers and youTeenage Cancer Unitng adults from across South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire but for certain types of diagnosis and treatment patients may come from across the country.
A truly unique environment, the TCU provides patients with world-class cancer treatment but in a specially designed setting to meet their needs. The unit has five beds and treats patients from the age of 16 to 25 in a warm and friendly environment. 
Research has shown that young people treated on a purpose built ward, such as our Teenage Unit, show better response rates to treatment than other young people treated on a standard ward. See below for a video of patient Ivans talking about his experiences on the unit.
 Teenage Cancer Unit
Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity supports the ward by helping to improve the environment and funding comforts and treats.
We also help to fund Youth Support Co-ordinators who provide a wide range of cognitive, recreational, and social activities for patients to develop, be empowered and deal with their diagnosis while receiving treatment. 
See below for a video of Youth Support Co-ordinator Caroline Wiltshire talking about her job.
This involves such things as day trips out, luxury toiletries, visits to the cinema and pizza evenings, which all help young people to feel normal. These may only sound like small things but they make a real difference to the lives of the patients during their cancer journey.
Social contact between patients and their families, close friends and other patients within the unit is encouraged by organising activities both in and out of the hospital.

Video: Caroline Wiltshire talks about her role on the Teenage Cancer Unit
at Weston Park Hospital


Video: Patient Ivans talks about his experiences on the Teenage Cancer Unit
at Weston Park Hospital


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